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Program in English

The College of Sciences of Sfax (Tunisia), the University of Blida (Algeria), the University of
Bordeaux (France) and the Institute of Filtration and Separation Techniques (France) will host
the second international congress Francofilt 2019 from 23 to 25 September 2019 in the city of
Hammamet in Tunisia. This international venue aims to foster exchanges between research
experts, engineers, users and decision-makers who wish to discover the latest advances and the
most innovative practices in the field of Solid/Fluid separation and membrane technologies.
Francofilt 2019 will offer two days of technical interventions including oral presentations,
plenary and keynote speeches, roundtables and scientific posters. Those seeking to learn about
the industrial benefits of filtration and to expand their application knowledge are encouraged
to attend the trade exhibition and training workshops. Topics covered will address
environmental, energy and healthcare issues for which separation techniques are able to
provide sustainable solutions, namely:
-Processing of municipal and industrial water;
- Air filtration and Indoor Air Quality;
-Recycling and reuse of wastewater;
- Desalination and renewable energies;
- Sludge treatment;
-Filtration for biomedical and biopharmaceutical applications;
-Methods of characterization, tests and analytical techniques.

-Université de Sfax, Tunisie - Prof. Raja BEN AMAR :
-IFTS, France - Prof. Roger BEN AIM:
-Université de Blida, Algérie - Prof. Ali AOUABED:
-African Membrane Society (AMSIC), USA - Dr Abdoulaye DOUCOURE: